Should You Install a Speed Gate in Your Building?
In commercial buildings where there’s a lot of foot traffic, installing a safe and secure access control system is of vital importance. The common gate that’s installed in most buildings usually requires an attendant to be available at all times. The attendant usually asks every person walking in to set aside their bag and then check their belongings by hand. Meanwhile, the person has to walk through a metal detector gate to ensure that they don’t have any metallic items. As you can clearly see, this takes up a considerable amount of time. In places with a lot of foot traffic, this could delay movement significantly. Installing a speed gate is an excellent option for building owners in such situations. Companies such as YYAAL Access Control Systems can handle the installation of such gates.
What Is a Speed Gate?
A speed gate is an access control system that’s designed to increase throughput in buildings. The gate controls the access of people walking in and out of a building. It’s installed in an entrance area that’s spacious and easily accessible. To ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed entry inside, the speed gate is equipped with proven access control technology such as card readers, a keypad, or a ticket acceptance device. There’s also a metal detector to ensure that dangerous items are not brought in.
Why Install One?
YYAAL Access Control Systems is one of the leading providers of these gates. Installing a speed gate in any building could significantly increase the inflow of people and prevent blockage and chokes during the peak hours. It can also help reduce the burden on the support staff, since they don’t have to be present at all times to supervise and check every person that walks in.