Benefits of Installing Speed Gates
Speed gates are becoming increasingly common in major buildings nowadays. In places that see a lot of people going in and out throughout the day, increasing the efficiency with which people can come and go is very important. The conventional entry gates used in buildings are slow and can often lead to a slowdown during the peak hours. However, companies such as YYAAL Access Control Systems have introduced a range of different access control systems to improve the efficiency of foot traffic through buildings. Here are just some of the many benefits that you get for installing a speed gate.

The greatest benefit of installing a speed gate is that it dramatically increases the efficiency with which people can enter and leave the building. Because an attendant doesn’t have to be present, speed gates can significantly increase the rate at which people are allowed into the building.

Despite the fact that an attendant doesn’t have to be present, you should know that speed gates are incredibly secure. That’s primarily because they are equipped with a variety of different access control points, such as a keypad, a ticket acceptance device, and even a biometric scanner. You can choose from different types of speed gates dependent upon the level of security you require. You should contact YYAAL Access Control Systems to discuss your requirements and make your purchase.
Installing a speed gate also offers a host of other benefits. Rather than paying over the top in wages to your support staff, a speed gate removes the burden on the support staff, who otherwise would have to be present and vigilant at all times. It also mitigates the chances of human error in case something is missed. These are just some of the many benefits that you get by installing a speed gate on your property. 

Speed Gates